I Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Love

Fucking holy fuck of fucks. I must have done something amazing in a previous life to deserve such hot lovers.

Let’s be clear, we were never unicorn hunting, it was never about ticking boxes or achieving a sexual bucket list. We simply met a girl and liked her, felt a connection, a spark, chemistry.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have met her. Luckier still to become her lover, to share her with my man and my man with her. Boasting skills that blow our minds, she’s our sexual catalyst.

We first invited Miss Kitty to stay last summer; it was new for us, exciting, lovely, sexy and fun. This time, in the midst of winter, we created smouldering sexual heat.

He was amazing, my man. Single handily satisfying two cock-hungry girls, making it look effortless. Always in control he played rough in all the right ways, encouraging us to engage in filthy hot behaviour. I could feel his pride in me, in both of us, his good girls. I could feel his lust for our naked bodies as we entwined, skin soft from massage oil, enticing him.

I knew he was watching as I kissed her hard on her beautiful lips, her teeth finding my lip ring, sucking, pulling on it. Red fingernails scraping my skin, finding my nipples, twisting, smothering my moans with her kisses; full, passionate kisses.

My fingers weave in the hair at the nape of her neck, feeling her heat, grinding against her. She flips me over, pushing me down, leaving a trail of kisses on my stomach. Wriggling into the perfect position she wraps her arms firmly around my thighs, burying her face in my cunt with a fevered hunger. Losing myself in the grips of pleasure I became the squirmiest of girls, so grateful for her holding me in place. Knowing, feeling how she was enjoying as much as I. This knowledge confirmed by her smug smile as she sat upright, wiping her face, telling me how she’d been craving eating my pussy.

Vibrating from head to toe, panting, feeling the drenched sheets beneath me, I beg her to “teach me your ways”. I want to make her feel this way too, every lick, kiss and suck perfectly placed, perfectly timed.

I want her sweet pussy in my mouth; I want to make her squirm. Encouraged by her sounds, her incredibly sexy sounds, I get so much pleasure from going down on her. I continue enjoying her, feeling her become wetter as he positions his thick hard cock in her mouth.

Gripped between her strong thighs I watch him fuck her beautiful face, drinking in the scene, a mantra in my mind. “Fuck this is hot, fuck this is hot, fuck, is this real?!”

Completely comfortable in taking the lead, he demands more, dominates; secure in the knowledge we both love it, feed off it, so keen to please. Simultaneous moans at the sound of a slap. My face, his hand, her wetness. I catch her eye as he forces both our faces down into the pillows; hold her gaze as he slides fingers into us both, rhythmical, powerful.

I have never been more proud of him. Miss Kitty told me afterwards, “I’m glad he wasn’t nice this time.” I couldn’t agree more. United in our desire for his serial killer look, that flash of intensity in his eyes that tells you you’re in trouble, that you’re about to be restrained, to be hurt with bitter-sweet pleasure-pain, that he’s taking control.

“I want to see you fuck.” I implore them, pushing his face into her pussy, he needs no encouragement.

Her sounds are all too distracting, over-whelmed by a compulsion to kiss her, I fall into her arms, her hands in my hair. Her panting serving only to make me wetter. He pulls her down and flips her onto her front in the middle of bed, covers discarded. Despite being sopping wet, he spits on her pussy, the wet sound making me whimper. I touch myself as I watch them moving together. Catching my eye and with a diabolical grin he forces my face into her ass, holding firm on the back of my neck as he pounds her.

Watching him work, watching him fuck her and drinking in her reaction, I am entranced. Such a beautiful girl writhing, moaning with pleasure, squealing in delight. I swell with love, adoration of them both for sharing this experience with me.

I want his cock inside of me. I want to give her a show. Holding my face with his strong hand, pushing his fingers into my mouth, his eyes burning into me, I silently beg him to fuck me. I want him inside me. I want him now. He slows his pace and asks, “Shall we let her have a turn?”

I position myself in front of him, unable to stop my ass from wagging, begging him to make me his fuck puppy. Moving inside me, I overload with pleasure as Miss Kitty’s deft fingers find my ass, moving in time with him, filling me to satisfaction. “How shall I finish?” he asks. It’s her choice, for her pleasure. Never slowing his pace I can hear them plotting behind me, conspirators deciding my fate.

I find myself pinned down to the bed, facing them both; his full weight holding me down. I want to stroke her beautiful face, so hot, so full of anticipation. He begins to stroke himself as we watch, slowly at first then picking up pace until furiously, expertly, satisfying himself. All of us revelling in how ridiculously hot this moment is.

I fucking adore the look on his face as he cums, pure primal intensity. I feel his hot cum spatter on my face, my chest, lapping up what I can. My satisfaction from his satisfaction. Kitty looks like she got the cream as she leans in close to kiss me, to lick his cum from my face, her soft lips smearing it between our kisses.

The after-glow of a shared intense sexual experience lingers. Delicious flashbacks make me squirm.

Desire burns within me at the prospect of filthier, hotter times to come, kinks to try, experiences to share.

I didn’t know I was looking for love until I found her, and now I feel whole.

Love Blog 2


Originally published as a guest blog on Little Girl Lost

With thanks to Mia, my Miss Kitty, my muse, my inspiration.

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  2. Wow. That is smoking HOT!

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