I’d woken up with a very specific kind of horn. I don’t know why I was craving violence but I wanted abuse.
Hurt me, hit me, violate me, bite me, fuck me.

Distracting thoughts of how terrible things would feel so good were on my mind all day. Aroused by wrong thoughts and all the more aroused at how wrong the thoughts were; depraved girl.

We were already late. We’d had such good intentions of leaving the house on schedule but time seemed to mock us, running out far too quickly. Whilst waiting for him to finish faffing I was junking receipts and rubbish from my bag, sat on the floor in the living room, basking in the spot where the sunshine streams through the window.

Intent on my task I didn’t raise my head as he came in the room, on a fairly frantic quest to locate keys, phone and wallet.

It was the sound of his belt that caught my attention.
A jingle jangle of the clasp being undone.
The sound that can only lead to good things.

He caught the look in my eye as my head snapped up, responding to the instant attention grabber. “What?” he said innocently, a wicked gleam in his eye giving him away “I was just adjusting my belt.”

Whether my reaction was intended or whether he was dealing with a genuine wardrobe adjustment I didn’t know, but it was clear he now had the power. The energy in the room suddenly became very intense as he stalked me round the coffee table.

I didn’t move, small on the floor, kneeling at his feet as he took my face in his hand.
He knew all about my cravings as my deviant desires had been accompanied by bratty demands. His face said I would be getting what I wanted.

As I felt the pain from the first slap, the sound of the force on my cheek was practically drowned out by my internal elation.
“YES” This was what I wanted. Hurt me.

He did. Slapping me to the face, pulling my hair, gentle tiny knocks with his fist on my chin. I wanted more. Grabbing his wrist I slammed his fist into my cheekbone, the pain splintering out in sharp shards across my face.
Fuck yes. This was what I wanted. Hit me.

Surprised but undeterred I was treated to more slaps before he motioned toward the bulge in his briefs, giving consent for me to hungrily take him in my mouth. Gripping the back of my head he pounded into my throat. Face fucking me with feriocity with no concern for my gagging, tears streaming.
Oh fuck yes. This was what I wanted. Violate me.

I could only whimper as he pushed me hard face down into the carpet, feeling it rough against my face. Tearing at my jeans, he forced his fingers roughly inside. No niceties, no time for stroking or gentle loving. Fucking taking me. Just as I wanted, just as I needed.

Forcing my legs open with his own he pushed inside, ignoring my pleas to the contrary, gripping me firmly to prevent me wriggling away. Pinning both arms behind my back. Leaning down on me as he started to thrust he bit me, sinking his teeth into my neck with a growl.
Yes, yes, yes. This was what I wanted. Bite me.

It hurt, the hard floor pushing against my rib cage, the carpet burning my face. The stretched feeling of being taken by force burning between my thighs.
Hurt when I needed to be hurt, I loved it.
Thank you. This was exactly, completely and everything I wanted. Fuck me.
Satisfy my cravings.

Craving Blog

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